Are you ready to set-up a plant in China? Where are the best locations? Can I find suppliers? Educated personnel? Should I build or rent the buildings? Who can build to our requirements?

There are nearly 3000 industrial zones in China. Which one is the most suitable? What support and problems can I get from the government? How much will it cost me? How can I reduce the risk that something goes wrong?

Scandic Sourcing can provide the answers you need to find a factory in China.


factorysearch1Feasibility Study

We help you with feasibility studies to establish the best locations and develop a budget for the operating cost of your new China plant. Such a study can provide the information you need to make the decision to go ahead.



In the implementation phase, we can support you with a package according to your needs. Typically we will do a detailed search for land and properties available, negotiate the lease, prepare business registration, take in quotations for construction, renovation and fixtures to prepare the plant and offices and source and install machinery, cranes, utilities and factory services. We will also assist you in setting up internal systems to run the plant according to local regulations and minimizing legal risk, such as Human Resources policy, company chop control, and payment control documents. Our services also include HR outsourcing where we act as your Human Resources department until you have set-up your own resources.


Complete Support

factory3 During the construction period and before you put in or hire your own local management, we can also act as temporary managers ensuring that your interests are being taken care of in the process. We can continue to support as consultants, board members and/or corporate supervisors. There are many questions to be answered when you want to start up new operations in China. To this you have the effect of the Chinese legal environment, where the laws and rules seem very clear when you first read them. But because new laws in China are implemented slowly during several years while their interpretations are established, the actual practiced rules by different government agencies can be quite different and also differ between the agencies and localities. Catch 22 situations are common when rules from different agencies do not match. However, thanks to the pragmatic approach often practiced, there is always a way.


Choose Scandic

You need a new team in China. The competition for well educated, English-speaking engineers is strong. How do I choose the right people? How much should I pay? What HR polices should I have? We can help you to answer these and other internal control questions.

Our staff has all gone through the learning curve of setting up operations in China. In China it is said that everything is difficult and anything is possible. Here our experience counts!


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