Scandic Sourcing prides ourselves on having a very Qualified Team of foreign executives and technical experts, not only with an extensive industrial experience, but also with a broad experience of working with production and operations in China. All our work is done in a systematic way using world class principles and methods. We have the experience and ability to work both on a strategic and a practical level.

Scandic Sourcing's services

We offer personalized services matching your needs. Our clients range from SME's to multinational companies. Our team can provide market investigations, market entry studies, investment plans and feasibility studies, erect factories, source machinery and tools, set-up operating procedures, set-up management systems, source suppliers, improve suppliers, recruit personnel and have hands on experience of running actual operations. This experience both lowers your cost and risk when entering the Chinese market.

Scandic Sourcing works as a partner, assisting our clients to get started or set-up operations and then follow with value added services as long as it is necessary. We provide outsourced services for logistics, human resources management and financial accounting, interim management and take on supervisor and board roles. Scandic Sourcing can support you from delivering a feasibility study to getting the plant up and running. Read more about this under Factory Set-up.

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Scandic Sourcing is committed to be a responsible actor and partner to the planet and our clients in bringing a positive impact to climate change and UN’s sustainability goals. We ensure we minimize any impact from our own operations where we live and work.  We advise our clients, clarifying sustainability status, possible risk and propose sustainable solutions promoting responsible business practices in their supply chains. For 2023 we have prepared our sustainability report on GRI(The Global Reporting Initiative) format. For 2023 our sustainability report will be on CSRD format.


Sourcing challenges in Asia and China

Working with supply chain in low cost countries in Asia, you may soon realize the very wide variation in technical levels and industrial maturity. We are specialized in the industrial/mechanical industry, working with products such as machinery, machine parts and metal products. We are a team of dedicated foreign and local engineering professionals with over 150 years of industrial experience from international companies.

Spending the time up front to identify the best potential suppliers will save you cost and time. We can ensure both that you find the most suitable suppliers and that your requirements are correctly understood and implemented. Read more about our Supplier Search Services.

China is still a developing nation with an erratic regulatory system. In the last year the focus on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Code of Conduct has increased and with increased sourcing out of China it becomes even more important to have systems in place to ensure your suppliers live up to your values and prevent reputational damage. We work with international companies sourcing organizations in China to ensure that their suppliers meet our clients requirements when it comes to the environment, health, safety and labour. Read more under Code of Conduct Programs.

We also offer an audit program for supplier quality system and supplier improvement programs. Read more under Supplier Development.

Let Scandic Sourcing be your partner to develop your China strategy. Contact us for a discussion with our competent team about how we can assist you.


Per Linden

Founder and Lead Consultant