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Market Investigation

The Chinese market is large and is developing extremely fast. Information available in English is usually limited and outdated. To get a grip on the market you need to search in Chinese language sources and get information from organizations and key players in the business. We can put together a research team that can give you the information you need for your decision making and strategy development process.

We can help you study market for your product or service, including market development, competition, possible partners and price structure.


Feasibility Studies

 What will it cost to run your business in China? How many staff do we need? How big is the difference in cost between different areas. Is it better to rent or to build a new factory? What does staff cost? There are many questions that comes up when you start to do the planning. We are here to assist you to answer those. Depending on the clients strategy we help to define scenarios for a market entry and prepare preliminary investment, staff and operation cost budgets. With this your cost of operations will be clarified.


Business Support Office 

It is not easy to understand a new market if you are not on-site. With our Business Support Office you get a chance to be present and act on the Chinese market before you set your strategy and make the financial commitments to set-up a company. At the Scandic Sourcing Business Support Office, you can rent a fully equipped workstation, backed up by administrative and technical services. We can help you to recruit and administrate personnel resources, pay expenses, organize working permit and even invoice customers, whilst our sourcing department can assist with technical support and quality control. When you are ready to take the next step we can support you to set-up a company and smoothly transfer your staff to it.

Read more about the Scandic Sourcing Business Support Office here.