Scandic Sourcing has assisted Envitool to set-up and support their China operations. Envitool offers companies active in China a comprehensive database for legal consulting regarding actual Chinese legislation. 

Envitools was founded by Bosse Falgard and Magnus Svernöv in 1996 in Sweden. With more than a decade of providing legal compliance tools and online law directory services to companies in Sweden, Envitool decided to take the step to China. With only 4 fulltime employees in Sweden this was a big step. 



Environmental, Health & Safety legislation is constantly changing. Keeping up-to-date and understanding complex information is often time-consuming. Envitool helps organizations to identify and understand the law through our comprehensive legal database in both English and Chinese. The database is updated daily and an email notification is sent to you if there's any changes in the legal documents. 

Envitool is designed to assist with ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards. Organizations create a legal register with customized list of legislations that are relevant to the organization. The organization will be notified immediately of any legislative changes that affect your organization.

Envitool started in 2010 with market investigations into the Chinese market and found that the same needs existed in China. Due to the rapid changes in the legal environment most companies struggled to keep up to date with new laws and the following regulations.


The move to Shanghai

In early 2011 Envitool decided to set-up an office in Shanghai and identified Scandic Sourcing as the best supplier for an SME start-up in China.

Scandic Sourcing advised us on establishment options, registered the company in Shanghai, set-up the HR system and recruited the complete team. Scandic Sourcing continues to do accounting, tax reporting, HR management and act as our corporate supervisor.

Envitool found it practical to use the Scandic Sourcing Business Support Office (BSO), eliminating the need to have the sales organization spend time on managing an office.
Envitool now has 7 staff in China and the founding partners take turns one week per month supporting the operation.

"We knew very little about the actual business environment in China, but thanks to the support of Scandic Sourcing we got advice and help with all practical issues. We feel safe in having someone like Scandic Sourcing that both understand the practical business environment in China and our way of working" says Bosse Fahlgard, Managing Director of Envitool.

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