Opsis AB, Sweden has selected Scandic Sourcing to set-up its new manufacturing operation in Shanghai.

Opsis AB manufactures equipment and instruments to measure air pollution. Using a laser beam, a complete spectral analysis of all chemical components in the air can be measured and recorded. Opsis sales in China to government entities have taken off and the requests for local manufacturing have started to become a requirement.

Scandic Sourcing provided a feasibility study to put up a manufacturing operation in the greater Shanghai area and worked out operating costs for 4 different options. Based on this Opsis decided to go ahead. Scandic will also support Opsis with outsourced HR, accounting, management and sourcing services.


opsis invigning










Ilmar Reepalu, mayor of Malmö City, and Svante Wallin, CEO of Opsis AB, during
the inauguration of Opsis' new offices in Shanghai.