Supply Chains from China are ready to open, but there are obstacles to inspect shipments in the next months.

On April 8 the lockdown on Wuhan finally was let go. Many workers who had been stuck for 7 weeks then started to return to their jobs in different parts of China.


Majority of factories all over the country are producing again and orders that had been delayed are getting ready to be shipped out.

The main issue now is that it is difficult to travel to China. The country enforces a mandatory virus testing and 2 weeks quarantine in hotel after arrival. There are few flights to China and most people in Europe and USA have restrictions to move around and leave their own countries.

Inside China it is possible and safe to travel with some exceptions for the Beijing area where the city currently enforce a 2 week city quarantine. 

Scandic Sourcing is located in Shanghai but provides quality control service all over China. We specialize in the mechanical and machinery industry. If you need help with technical inspections in China please contact us to us to learn more.


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